Applications for the 2017 Young Organists Collaborative must be received by Friday, August 4, 2017.  The application may be printed out by following the link on this page, and then mailed to the following address, or you may follow the link to the online application and submit the form using the button at the end of the form.  All applications must be accompanied by a music teacher recommendation.  That recommendation may be done online by following the link, or the recommendation may be mailed to the following address.

Young Organist Collaborative
P.O. Box 1235
Milligan College, TN  37682-1235

To print out an application form and submit it by the U.S. Postal Service click here.

To submit the form online, use the following form:

The music teacher recommendation form follows. (The teacher recommendation is due by Sunday, August 11, 2018.)